Radio Equipments and Systems Subject To Authorization



1-)  The wireless equipments and systems in the electronic communications network or infrastructure of the operators authorized by the Authority are subject to the following matters;


  • a-)  The operators apply for system installation and usage permission with the related ICTA Application Form and the lists which include the locations where the equipments will be built for all radio equipments and systems that constitute the infrastructure,
  • b-)  After the application is assessed by the Authority in scope of authorization, the permission for system installation and usage is given,
  • c-)  The operators are obliged to notify the Authority about the permitted installed system with the related ICTA Notification Form. Public Access Mobile Radio operators are, in addition, obliged to notify Authority for the system coverage area maps for the service area as well as wireless equipments and systems that are in the electronic communications network or infrastructure,
  • d-)  The operators notify the Authority for the changes made in the installed infrastructure systems that were installed in extent of the permission and authorization by filling the related ICTA Notification Forms.


2-)  The radio equipments and systems in the electronic communication network or infrastructure of the operators are, first of all, subject to the provisions that are stated in the authorization document of the operators and the provisions of agreement and/or protocol signed between operators and the Authority if there is any.

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