Mr. Feridun Bilgin, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication, stated as follows: "We will have introduced our country and citizens to the new technology by April 1, 2016. With IMT-Advanced technology, a new era will begin in field of mobile communication in Turkey."

During his interview with the AA reporter, Mr. Bilgin reported that the tender for 4,5 G held by Information and Communication Technologies Authority (BTK) on August 26 conformed to the policy and the strategy determined by the Ministry, and he noted that a total 365.4 MHz frequency sales was performed in scope of the tender.
Stating that faster and higher quality mobile broad band services will be made available by adding more than double to the frequencies previously allocated as 183,8 MHz for purpose of offering mobile services, Mr. Bilgin reported that the new technology is expected to increase mobile Internet speed by at least 10 times.
Mr. Bilgin pointed that the aim is to offer much faster and higher quality for video and movie play, data download and smart mobile applications when compared to 3G. Mr. Bilgin stated that the tender was held in fair competition between the bidders Turkcell İletişim Hizmetleri AŞ, Vodafone İletişim Hizmetleri AŞ and Avea İletişim Hizmetleri AŞ in a gentlemanlike manner, transparently and visibly to public.
Stating that the minimum value of total frequency is ascertained as Euro, Mr. Bilgin emphasized that an income of 3.356.112.643 Euro was obtained, which is above the minimum value of tender by 46,04 percent as a result of the competitive environment. Stating that the total VAT included tender price was 3.960.212.918,74 Euro upon the tender, Mr. Bilgin said: "The figure achieved above TL 13 billion in the tender is an indicator of the trust in economy".
Pointing out that successful operators have to choose a payment option for the tender price, which is either in cash or in instalments, Mr. Bilgin explained that the operators notified BTK of their payment preferences, and that 2 of the successful operators preferred payment on deferred terms and one preferred cash payment.

"Treasury cash will be filled"
Mr. Bilgin noted that the tender price in amount of 4.893.417.051,61 TL equal to a total VAT excluded amount of 1.435.145.922,4 Euro will be paid without authorization. Mr. Bilgin stated that VAT of the tender price will be estimated on basis of the amount of cash payment and paid in a single sum along with the first instalment; and that, in this frame, the total amount of the first payment will be 6.933.437.074 TL equal to,1 Euro including VAT.
Noting that the operators have to make their first payments to the Treasury until one day prior to the date when their certificates of authority will be granted, Mr. Bilgin said that the operators preferring payment on deferred terms will make their payments in 4 equal instalments and at 6 month intervals, and that the payments will be completed in April 2017.

"The new technology will be available by April 1"
Mr. Bilgin stated that the operators will begin to provide service for citizens with the new technology from April 1, 2016. Mr. Bilgin continued:
"We will have introduced our country and citizens to the new technology by April 1, 2016. With IMT-Advanced technology, a new era will begin in field of mobile communication in Turkey. The development and the progress achieved in field of information technologies and communication within the last 13 years in our country will be remarkably accelerated and continue growing with a new dimension in mobile communication, beginning from April 1, 2016. With fast steps towards the goals of 2023, a faster communication and internet infrastructure will have been established in Turkey."

"Transition to 4,5 G will be free of charge"
Pointing out to news claiming that subscribers will have to pay for transition from 3G to 4,5G, Mr. Bilgin reported that subscribers having 4,5G compatible mobile phones and SIM cards will start using 4,5G service from April 1, 2016.
Mr. Bilgin, noting that the 2G subscribers had previously subscribed to 3G through a confirmation via SMS without paying any extra charges upon a decision by BTK and they did not have to sign a new subscriber agreement, said that BTK will take a similar decision for the transition from 3G to 4,5G so that the consumer will not incur charges.

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