Board Member


Orhan ÖĞE

Current Position
: Board Member
Place of Birth
: Erzurum
Date of Birth : 1960
University : Istanbul University, Faculty of Law
Professional Experience :

ÖĞE, whom graduated from Aşkale High School in 1978, graduated from İstanbul University, Faculty of Law in 1983. ÖĞE, whom been at The Tampa School of Berlitz for learning between the years of 1989 – 1990, worked as; District Governor, Self-Employed Lawyer, Deputy Chairman and also Board Member of Directorate General of Coastal Safety, Board Chairman of Cyprus Turkish Coastal Safety and Salvage Company, Deputy Chairman of Information and Communication Technologies Authority, Public Services Deputy Undersecretary of Republic of Turkey Ministry of National Defense Undersecretariat for Defense Industries

Marital Status : Married with 4 children


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