Services Which are Subject to Authorization



All of the following functions which are described in the Electronic Communications Law numbered 5809 can be performed based on authorization from the Authority:


  • Electronic communications: the transmission, exchange and receiving of all kinds of signals, symbols, sounds, images and data which could be converted into electrical signals, by means of cable, radio, optic, electric, magnetic, electromagnetic, electrochemical, electromechanical and other types of transmission systems,
  • Electronic communications infrastructure: all kinds of network components, relevant facilities and the supplementary elements including switching equipments, hardware and software, terminals and lines; over or by which the electronic communications is provided,
  • Electronic communications infrastructure operation: construction, causing others to construction, hiring or procuring of the electronic communication infrastructure related with the relevant network in such other ways, and providing that infrastructure for use of other operators and other requesting real or legal persons,
  • Electronic communication service: provision of wholly or partly the activities which fall under the scope of electronic communications definition,
  • Electronic communication network: all kinds of transmission systems networks including switching equipments and lines, which constitute the connections between one or more points in order to ensure electronic communications in such points.


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