Retail Tariffs of DSL Internet Access Services



Internet access service at retail level for end-users is provided by Internet Service Providers (ISPs), which are authorized by ICTA. Incumbent operator -Türk Telekom- cannot directly provide end users with Internet service within the frame of current legislation.

Within the scope of DSL technology, ISPs benefit from Türk Telekom’s infrastructure to provide xDSL Internet Access Service to their customers, due to usage of copper line extending over customer premises in PSTN network, called “local loop”, for connection between subscriber and ISP’s equipment. In other words, ISPs buy internet service from Türk Telekom at wholesale level. Türk Telekom’s Internet access tariffs at wholesale level are subject to ICTA’s approval. On the other hand, the prices charged by ISPs for providing end users with Internet access services are not subject to ICTA’s approval according to Electronic Communications Law and relevant legislation.

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