Speaking at the Signing Ceremony of the “UYAP Integration Protocol,” President of Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA) Dr. Ömer Fatih Sayan said that, “this protocol will remove all possible paperwork delays and allow justice to be manifested more quickly.”

President of ICTA Dr. Ömer Fatih Sayan participated in the signing ceremony of the UYAP Integration Protocol between the Ministry of Justice and ICTA. ICTA Vice President Ahmet Kilic, Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice Mustafa Erol, Head of Information Technologies Department of Ministry of Justice Servet Gül and experts from the Ministry of Justice and ICTA attended the signing ceremony held in headquarter of ICTA.



Sayan said that “this protocol will remove all possible paperwork delays and allow justice to be manifested more quickly. As a regulatory authority, our priority obligation here is to provide the information on the operators whose number of exceed 400 to legal services according to their demands. The protocol we will implement here today is a step in the direction of ensuring that the nature of justice finds its place faster. As the poet said, ‘justice is not delayed, should be given immediately ...’ In that sense, it is important to work to use the possibilities of communication technologies in the service of law.”



Sayan mentioned that “in the previous days, we have reached many citizens with the help of the operators and asked them to confirm the existing mobile lines. I say again if a mobile line that does not belong to them appears on them, they need to share it authorities without spending time. In case of detecting mobile lines that do not belong to them as a result of the inquiry, it is absolutely necessary to cancel them by communicating with the relevant operator. The second point is that it is important for our citizens to have their mobile line subscriptions done by authorized subscription franchises, to get copies of their contracts, and to scratch their ID photocopies. Another issue is that they must not open their Internet line to the usage of someone else or they should make a registration-password process. Obviously, unofficial transactions through mobile lines are a source of distress for the line owner.”


Sayan said that the current paperwork process has been updated to integrate with the UYAP system, and the changes to be experienced on UYAP linkage are as follows;

“- As the delay of the documents in the post will not be in question, risks such as loss of the documents delivered to the post and the CDs in the enclosure will be removed and the possible security weaknesses will be prevented by not delivering the documents to the post office.

- According to the content of the demand (investigations carried out under the scope of the FETÖ / PDY terrorist organization, kidnapping, restriction of freedom, danger of close deaths, loss, acts of terrorism and incidents that will create infestation in the society etc.) will also be completed as soon as possible.

- There will be no unnecessary correspondence such as re-registering on return and reiteration due to the "unsigned document" which is 20-30% of our documents.

- As the data is entered from the UYAP screen, the workload of our staff will be reduced and the loss of time and work power will be prevented in multiple definitions.

- As data entry is done by judicial authorities, incorrect and unnecessary correspondence will be abolished.

With this protocol, in criminal investigations and prosecutions, especially in the context of the FETÖ / PDY investigations, because of HTS and IP requests have increased too much and most of the documents are urgently requested, the integration of UYAP is very important and will meet a great need in terms of judicial authorities and our institution in order to conclude these processes faster and more safely. Additionally, new developments and arrangements will be possible over time in order to reduce the risk of data security to zero as a result of integration.”


Sayan ended his speech by wishing that the UYAP Integration Protocol would be instrumental in favor.


At the signing ceremony of the UYAP Integration Protocol, Deputy Undersecretary of Justice Mustafa Erol also delivered a speech. Undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice Mustafa Eroğlu, who underlined the protocol that will increase speed and quality of judicial services, stated that “all kinds of documents flow with their digital signatures has been transferred to the digital environment. This protocol will be one of the integrations to 86 different issues we have signed with 54 different institutions of the UYAP system. The speed and quality that it will bring to judicial services is important. Today, when the investigating authority presses the enter key of the computer, the request will be transferred immediately to the ICTA. At the same speed, the answer would have gone to the appropriate jurisdiction.”

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