His excellency Mr. Binali YILDIRIM, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, shared some information from the “Quarterly Report on Electronic Communications Market in Turkey covering the third quarter of 2015” which is prepared by Information and Communications Authority (ICTA).

Mr. Yıldırım announced that there are 73 million 235 thousand 783 mobile subscribers and mobile minutes of use (MoU) reached to 404 minutes which is the highest MoU in the European countries cited in the Quarterly Report.

The Minister said that information and communications technologies sector is seen as a strategic sector and this sector had a rapid growth trend in the last 13 years in Turkey.

Minister Yıldırım stated that according to the third quarterly report of ICTA, the number of internet subscribers and internet usage has also continued to increase. Broadband subscriptions exceeded 46,7 million in the third quarter of 2015 which was 6 million in 2008 and the number of internet subscribers increased by 5,4% as compared to the previous quarter. Annual growth rate of total number of internet subscribers has reached to 17,4%.

Mr. Yıldırım pointed out that as of the end of September this year, there are 73 million 235 thousand 783 mobile subscribers and mobile penetration rate exceeds 100% when 0-9 year’s old population are excluded.

The number of 3G subscribers exceeded 63 million

Minister Yıldırım emphasized that 3G services introduced 6 years before in Turkey, in July 2009, and the number of 3G subscribers has reached to 63 million 66 thousand 580 and of which 35 million 676 thousand are mobile broadband subscribers connected via handheld devices and 1 million 662 thousand 797 are the mobile broadband subscribers connected via computers.

Mr. Yıldırım stated that the annual investments in the mobile telecoms sector was the highest in 2009 thanks to the 3G authorizations which amounted to 4,6 billion TL’s and the investments in 2014 was 3.1 billion TL. The Minister added that number portability process started in 2008 in Turkey and as of September 2015 the number of ported numbers are more than 87 million.

Turkey sets record in mobile phone usage

Minister Yıldırım explained that according to the distribution of the total traffic volume the volume of mobile traffic increased and that of fixed traffic decreased. According to the statement, ”in the third quarter of 2015, the total volume of mobile traffic is 56,4 billion minutes whereas fixed traffic volume is 2,6 billion minutes. When compared to the previous quarter, the mobile traffic volume is stable, however the fixed traffic volume decrease by 11,2%. The Annual change in the total traffic is seen as an increase from 56,4 billion minutes to 59 billion.

While the average monthly MOU for Q1 and Q2 was 367 minutes and 399 minutes respectively, it reached to 404 minutes in Q3. According to these numbers Turkey is the first country in mobile calls as compared to European countries cited in the Quarterly Report.

Mr. Yıldırım underlined that the investment in fibre cables of which are great importance in terms of communication, continues. In the third quarter of 2015, the total length of fiber cable reached to 261.337 km.

Internet usage increased

Stating that the increase in the internet usage continues the Minister emphasized that the number of mobile broadband subscribers increased by 6,3% compared to the previous quarter reaching to 37 million 538 thousand 898. In the same period, the mobile internet usage increased by 24,3% reaching to 156 thousand 669 Tbyte and fixed internet usage reached to 1 million 621 thousand 574 Tbyte. 91,3% of this usage is for downloading and the remaining for uploading.

Mr. Yıldırım stated that in line with the increase of fixed and mobile subscribers, internet usage per subscribers has also continued to increase. Total mobile internet usage increased about 16,7% since previous quarter and reached to 1,42 GB.
Fixed broadband were approximately 60,11 GB and its usage increased about 7,5% as compared with the second quarter.

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