In recent years, Turkey, which hosts many international organizations, is preparing to host an important event in the year of 2016 again. Congress of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) in 2016 will be held in Istanbul.


Signatures concerning the realization of the UPU Congress in Istanbul were taken between Turkey's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Office in Geneva and UPU Director Bishar A. Hussein. At the signing ceremony, Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA) Board Member, Dr. Ihsan Kulalı and Post and Telegraph Organization (PTT) General Manager, Harun Maden were also present.


Congress determines the future of the UPU and postal sector objectives and strategies for the period 2016-2020. Congress will be held in Istanbul from 19th September to 7th October 2016. 2,500 delegates from 192 member countries are expected to attend to the Congress. UPU General Director, Deputy General Director and the members of the Administrative Council and Postal Operations Council will be determined in the elections held in Congress.


The 26th UPU Congress will be organized by PTT (representing our country as assigned operator) under the auspices of Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and under the direction of ICTA, the regulatory and supervisory institution. The Congress is of great importance due to the presidency of our country in the Administrative Council between the years 2016-2020. Moreover strategy document may be cited as Istanbul Postal Strategy in the next four years.


What is the Universal Postal Union (UPU)?

Based in Bern, the UPU was founded in 1874 by 22 countries including Turkey. The UPU is also a specialized agency of the United Nations since 1948. The main duties of the Union was determined in the Constitution of the UPU as follows:

  • To ensure the free movement of the postal items within a single postal area composed of interconnected networks.
  • Determining the standards in postal area and encouraging the technologies
  • To ensure the cooperation between the members
  • To ensure the efficient technical cooperation
  • To ensure that to meet consumer needs


The main document of the UPU is the “Constitution of the UPU”. It determines the basic rules of the Union. It is a document that binding the member countries so the competent bodies of the countries should confirm that document. The editing and additions to that document is made only in the Congress and are recorded as additional protocol. The additional protocols are also subject to the member states’ confirmation. The “General Regulations” determines the implementation of Constitution and working procedures and principles of the Union and it is also binding the member countries.


Congress is held every four years by the UPU and the decisions taken in Congress are put in force by the member countries till the next congress. The Union has two council, ‘The Council of Administration’ and ‘The Postal Operations Council’ and the decisions about the administrative and management issues are taken by these councils. The members of these councils are determined by the election made during congress for four years. Also the host country of the congress presides the Council of Administration for four years.

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