Sayan: We have reached beyond the predicted value



After completion of the IMT Authorization Auction which was held on August 26th, in Ankara; Chairman of the Information and Communication Technologies Board Dr. Ömer Fatih Sayan made a statement to the press. Sayan said: “Today, August 26th 2015 Wednesday, we have completed the first step for the 4.5 G auction, widely known by the public as IMT-Advanced.” 
Sayan stated that “A sum of 3.359 billion Euro + VAT which is 3.960 billion Euro has been reached for 375.4 Mhz previously valued as 2.3 billion Euro. In today’s market, this amount represents 13.2 billion TL. That is to say, revenue of 1.5 times the minimum amount, has been reached.” 
Sayan said that IMT Authorization document will be given after deposits of performance bonds and service will be offered as from April 1th, 2016. 
“We are going in a way forward to become an exporter country in the Telecommunication sector.”
After Dr. Ömer Fatih Sayan, Chairman of the ICT Board, CEO of Turkcell, Kaan Terzioğlu; CEO of Vodafone, Gökhan Öğüt, CEO of Avea Rami Aslan and Erkan Akdemir made press statements. 

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