Sayan Met Crowell



President of Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA) of Turkey Ömer Fatih Sayan PhD. and Vice-President of Twitter Colin Crowell met in ICTA. The meeting lasted one hour. After the meeting, President of ICTA Ömer Fatih Sayan stated that the meeting was very fruitful and appointing of Turkish representative for Twitter was very positive. He also reiterated Turkey’s request for opening an office of Twitter in Turkey. 


Sayan said, “Turkey with her dynamic and young population, is among the countries who use social media channels most. Not only universal rules but also national laws should be respected in social media. We have stated our insight and key expectations. Particularly, we underlined the importance of applying Turkish legal authorities’ decisions by Twitter. We also stressed the importance of combating with fake accounts in social media.”



Fighting with terorism

Underlying the importance of fighting with terorism in social media, Sayan stated, “Social media platforms like Twitter should not be used as means of propaganda by terrorist organizations. Countries should have close cooperation and collaboration in this issue. We reiterate our expectations that Twitter should not be used for the activities of terrorist organizations and their propaganda against Turkey.”


Sayan expressed the importance of collaboration with Twitter in relation to Twitter messages after the last terrorist attack in Ankara and he informed that the agreement was reached on cooperation  with Twitter  in emergencies.


Sayan also explained that after the terorist attact in France, Twitter was used for informing the citizens about dangerous areas to keep away from. He said that such kind of collaboration can also be made for Turkey. He mentioned that in the meeting, cooperation with Twitter was discussed in the area of  education and health along with disasters and emergencies.


In addition, Sayan, underlying the importance of preventing obscene content in social media platforms, said, “Especially, we expressed our sensitivity for protecting kids from harmful content in internet and social media; and our expectation from Twitter to act accordingly.”


Head of International Relations Department Gazali Çiçek, Head of Internet Department in Telecommunication Presidency Ahmet Kılıç and Access Providers Union Secretary General Bülent Kent and Twitter Representative of Turkey Emine Etili also attended the meeting. 


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