Information and Communication Technologies Authority Chairman Dr. Ömer Fatih Sayan announced that the number of Registered Electronic Mail users has exceeded 120 thousand since 2012.


A ceremony was held by ICTA for authorization of KepKur Software, Information Technologies, Registered Email Services Corp. and F.I.T. Information Technology Systems and Service Inc. to provide “Registered Electronic Mail Service”.


ICTA Chairman Dr. Ömer Fatih Sayan, emphasized in his speech that:


“After the discovery and spread use of the internet, classical working, thinking and even having fun methods are changed and moved to a virtual environment. The intensive use of electronic media led to the emergence of some demands. At this point, electronic signature applications providing confidentiality, authentication, integrity and non-repudiation become very important.

In addition to this, forms of communication have started to change. The trend in communication technologies evolved to usage of internet sites, forums, e-mail and social media rather than the phone. Although the use of these tools are easy and comfortable they are weak in terms of being secure.

In Turkey, secure electronic communication possibilities have been extended with the Registered Electronic Mail. Turkish Commercial Code 6102 and the secondary legislation published by ICTA supported legal validity of the electronic processes.

Turkish Commercial Code 6102 enforced companies to use REM in future electronic transactions. In addition, the Article 2 of Law No. 6099 enforced to send notification to some companies in electronic forms.t. Electronic Notification Regulations defined REM addresses as electronic notification address. In other words, REM infrastructure is provisioned to be used for electronic notification submissions.

 REM has great importance as an essential element of the electronic commerce and infrastructure of e-transformation projects that are carried out by the public sector. In addition to the classical electronic mail, REM offers evidences about the transmission, delivery, and etc.. Electronic mails are being sent and received through Registered E-mail Service Providers (REMSP) which have "trusted third party" role in the REM system. To use REM, users have to open an account that has “” extension from authorized REMSPs.

Many documents in electronic media such as notices, reminders, objections, invoices, confirmation letters, associated undertakings, conference calls, contracts, official correspondences, email notifications, e-invoicing and etc. can be shared between the parties with legal validity provided by Registered Electronic Mail.

As of today, number of REM users exceeded 120 thousand that 90 percent of the users are legal entities. We believe that the number of users will reach billions in the near future.

REM is one of the key elements to create the infrastructure of e-government projects and electronic commerce and is expected to make major changes and developments in all areas. "

After the speech, Sayan presented the authorization certificates to the managers of KepKur Software, Information Technologies, Registered Email Services Corp. and F.I.T. Information Technology Systems and Service Inc.

Number of Registered Electronic Mail Service Providers authorized by ICTA has reached to 7. (Please click for the full list of REMSPs)

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