Minister Bilgin: 4,5G technology will be available for use as of April next year



Mr. Feridun Bilgin, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs & Communications, noted in his statement to the AA correspondent that the 4,5G technology contracted out by the Information Technologies & Communications Authority (BTK) on 26th August will be available for use as of April next year, and that the awarded operators will receive their authorization certificates at a ceremony next week (October 27, 2015).

Pointing out that the awarded companies must make payment until, at the latest, one day before they get their authorization certificate; Bilgin reminded that one company will pay cash, while the other will pay by instalments, whereas the full amount of VAT will have to be paid in cash in either case.

Bilgin explained that, in the first stage, payment of 2 billion EUR will be paid by the companies to the Treasury prior to the organization next week, and that the authorization certificates will be handed over after this initial payment.

Emphasizing the importance of the 4,5G tender, Bilgin stated that the number of broadband subscribers in Turkey has currently reached beyond 46,6 million, while the current numbers of mobile subscribers, mobile broadband internet subscribers, and 3G subscribers are well beyond 72 million, 37,5 million, and 63 million, respectively.

Drawing attention to the fact that the 4,5G tender was necessitated by ever-increasing demand, Minister Bilgin told: "The tender procedure went very well. Having set an initial value of 2,3 billion EUR, the tender ended up with a price as high as 1,5-fold of that initial price. If considered together with VAT and difference arising out of payment by instalment, it appears that we have gained income of over 4 billion EUR. There are also some novelties, namely a coverage area obligation which we have introduced for railways, highways, and tunnels with a length of over 1km. The concept of domestic product utilization is introduced for the first time ever. Operators providing IMT service will have to use domestic products in their network investments, at rates reaching up to 30-40-45% according to relevant years".

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