The Minister of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Mr. Binali YILDIRIM stated that, the cyber-attacks in recent days revealed security weakness of Middle East Technical University (METU). Mr. YILDIRIM said; negotiations have been carried out for the re-delegation of .tr domain names management from METU to Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA) and secure public network will be created.”
Mr. YILDIRIM reminded that Cyber Security Council, (which was formed after a legislation enacted in 2012) gathered on 10th February 2016 and cyber security has become equivalent to national security. Mr. YILDIRIM added that cyber-attacks have become very easy to do in cyberspace and “A big infrastructure might be harmed via a small piece of software and one can stop an automation system. Everything you need in daily life such as electricity, gas, finance, transport systems has the risk of being harmed. Therefore we need to strengthen the security of these systems”

Closed System

Mr. YILDIRIM said that “We are establishing a secure public network. It will be completed soon. For some critical communication and information flow, a private network is being set up. This network will be a closed system like an intranet, it will not be open to public. All institutions across the country will communicate via this network”.
Mr. YILDIRIM stated that the authority to allocate domain names with ".tr" extension was given to the METU when internet came to Turkey's agenda in 90s. The Minister continued his words as; “The recent cyber-attacks revealed that there are vulnerabilities in DNS system of the METU. We have responded as the Ministry and ICTA and eliminated the attacks in a short time in order not to inflict significant damage. The financial sector was particularly under serious attack. We defended in collaboration with related parties, but the danger has not passed altogether. We made a regulation for management of all “.tr” domain names by ICTA in the past years. Negotiations are still continuing about transfer of the management of domain names from the METU to ICTA.”

Turkey among the first 10 countries getting cyber attacks

Mr. YILDIRIM said that “Turkey is among the top 10 countries which are subject to cyber-attacks. Cyber security risks are relatively high in countries where internet is widely used including Russia, China and the US. Any computer you use may be enslaved by someone. Crime may be committed by someone else but you may be the one accused. There are also individual measures might be taken on this matter. You should be careful in basic simple matters like encryption, (not) sharing (secret, private) information with others. There are physical measures and other measures that can be taken like capacity building and raising awareness. All these topics are being studied.”

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