Binali Yıldırım, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications of Turkey said about the last cyber attacks against Turkey that, "there were 236 major attacks. Information Technologies and Communications Authority (ICTA) took immediate action and increased the capacity against DDOS attacks."

The Minister Yıldırım held a press conference on Ministry activities. The Deputy Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Yüksel Coşkunyürek and ICTA Chairman Dr. Ömer Fatih Sayan were also at the press conference.

The Minister Yıldırım answered the question upon the ICTA’s penalty applied to Twitter as “It is essential that everyone should comply with the Turkey’s laws. The main objective is not to close down, punish or block the broadcast, contrarily our intention is to ensure Twitter working within the legal framework. That is why we have introduced a new application. ICTA began to impose penalties in case of violation of the laws. 150 thousand Turkish Liras penalty imposed to Twitter and is sent to their center in the USA. 30-days notification period has expired now. We will take necessary steps by the next course. Abandonment is not concerned, anyone who provides services or trades in Turkey has to comply with laws. This is not a privilege for us, this is a rule for every country.

“ICTA did what is necessary”

The Minister Yıldırım, said that the domestic utilization rate of 4.5 G technology will be gradually increased. 

In response to a question about the cyber attacks, Mr. Yıldırım stated that “Cyber attacks are not daily, the constant current events. Cyber attacks began on December 14th and mainly continued until December 24th. We experienced 236 major attacks. There are still attacks but not perceived. Unfortunately, a major attack happens and it causes serious effects. ICTA took action immediately. We ordered to increase capacity against DDOS attacks. We have established National CERT and Institutional CSIRTs. We aim the Institutional CSIRTs to operate full capacity in 367 institutions but at the moment, unfortunately, it is not possible to say that has been occurred. In the period ahead, we want to strengthen CERTs network, cooperation among them and give the ability to the institutions to take the 7/24 necessary measures against this type of attacks. This is not a job to be finished for a time, a business to be continued. It is needed to see this as a part of everyday life. There will be new actions until 2018. Our Ministry is calling the Cyber Security Council to the meeting which will be held on the last week of January. We will decide new measures and talk the new action plan at this Cyber Security Council.”

Yıldırım, the Minister, told that during the last cyber-attacks, except some delays in access no loss of information has been detected.”

“Speed; a disaster in transportation, but a blessing in informatics”

The Minister Yıldırım replied the question whether Internet costs will be cheaper or not after Turksat 4B as; “Internet costs in Turkey are cheaper than in other countries. Cheaper Internet costs depend on faster Internet access. In order to achieve this, 2016 and future years are declared as campaign years for the development of fiber network.”

The Minister Yıldırım took attention to the enhancing of IT networks and continued his words as; "We made enough investment to double-lane highways, we will carry out a special strategy for enlarging mental paths in coming years. We experienced some difficulties with municipalities and various administrations on this issue. We will solve these problems. If we do not increase capacity of IT networks, inadequate level of speed will be the biggest threat waiting for us.
The speed reduction in IT is something that is not desired. Mr. Yıldırım said that “Speed is a disaster in transportation, but a blessing in informatics.”

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