The 4th meeting of the Cyber Security Council was held under the chairmanship of Mr Binali YILDIRIM, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications on 10/02/2016. ICTA Chairman Dr. Ömer Fatih SAYAN also participated in the meeting.

In his statements prior to the meeting held at the Ministry, Minister YILDIRIM mentioned that Cyber Security Council was established in 2012 and this was the fourth meeting of the Council.

Minister continued his words as; “Information and communication technologies are widespread in all areas of life and cyber security issues came to the forefront. Cyberspace represents all kinds of business, communications and transactions made via electronic means and Internet.

He noted that, “In the past, wars and struggles had been done with tanks, cannons, and rifles. But now it is possible to perform very low-cost attacks in cyberspace.”

Minister Yıldırım added that “Cyber Security Council's objective is to take precautions against possible attacks targeting individuals and institutions, especially the critical infrastructures of our country and to raise cybersecurity awareness. Nevertheless, if any damage occurs by any attack the aim is to minimize the damage.”

Minister YILDIRIM said that “All institutions will come together at regular intervals for preparation of an environment that will allow using Internet safer and for benefit of the humanity. We will assess the situation and decide the works that we will do in the coming periods”

Later on, the meeting continued closed to the press.

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