A Call to a Common Fight Against Terrorism



President of the Board of Information and Communication Technologies Authority Dr. Ömer Fatih Sayan made a call to all world to fight together against terrorist organizations using internet as a propaganda tool.

10th Internet Governance Forum (IGF-2015) was held in Joao Pessoa, Brazil.

In the opening session of the IGF 2015, as previous host country, first speech was given by ICTA President Dr. Ömer Fatih Sayan on behalf of Turkey.

Beginning by reminding 9th Internet Governance Forum was held last year in İstanbul, ICTA President Sayan made the following important remarks:

“Last year, we had the privilege of hosting 9th IGF in İstanbul, Turkey. Over 3,500 participants came together onsite and online to discuss many internet-related issues under the theme of “Connecting Continents for Enhanced Multi-stakeholder Internet Governance” drawing inspiration from Istanbul’s unique location where the continents of Europe and Asia meet.

In IGF 2014, human rights issue discussed in detail where IGF participants formulated an input to bring the Human Right Council on the right to privacy in the digital age and agreed a key message. It was emphasized that there is a need for increased interaction between government entities and all other interested stakeholders in ongoing and future deliberations on enhancing trust in cyberspace.

To facilitate the connection of currently not connected to internet, a strong call was made for an increased emphasis and inclusion of ICTs and internet access in the post-2015. Youth representatives emphasized the need to strengthen existing mechanisms that empower youth in attending and engaging in the internet governance ecosystem. IGF Support Association formally launched in İstanbul to achieve stable and sustainable funding mechanism of IGF.

IGF 2014 has also introduced numerous stakeholders to internet governance ecosystem and created a new global dynamism. We believe that the successful outcomes of İstanbul IGF 2014 will be a useful input for IGF 2015 here.

ICT 2023 Goals of Turkey

The internet is an important contributor for sustainable growth, innovation and development. Based on discussions to accept “the right to internet access” as a fundamental human right, to that extent, I am very proud to share Turkey’s major set of goals within her Strategic Vision of 2023 regarding ICT. These goals include expanding the economy to rank among the global top ten; transformation to knowledge-based society; building an international hub for ICTs; maintaining ICT-based economic growth and enhancing high speed broadband access for all.


Among these goals as a G20 member, Turkey is holding G20 this year, and the G20 Leader’s Summit will take place on this weekend in Antalya, Turkey. Internet economy has always been a hot topic in G20 meetings.


We Aim to Be One of the First Countries in 5G

In line with Strategic Vision 2023, Turkey takes strong steps in order to create a fully transformed country using ICT in e-Government services. We recently successfully held IMT-Advanced auction by which, operators will provide IMT services enhancing high speed mobile internet and further the value of added mobile services and applications in Turkey. We also aim to give one of the first 5G services by 2020.

In today’s world, data usage proliferates exponentially in both mobile and fixed networks thanks to the new applications, products and services. Especially, network neutrality discussions and Over-the-Top (OTT) services revolutionize the way of delivering ICT services. OTT services create added value, but on the other hand they affect the whole broadband ecosystem, in particular the network operators' revenues and their ability to finance network deployment. We invite all stakeholders and in particular countries which have no specific rules or approaches as to Net Neutrality to discuss these issues to evaluate pros and cons. It is important to provide rules for guaranteeing the right of internet access of the citizens in order to express their opinions freely. It is also equally important to respect privacy and data protection in the internet. We should protect the balance between such kind of personal rights and data-driven innovation and economy. That approach will unlock the economic value of personal data on one side and foster economic growth on the other side. I hope IGF handles this issue in its meeting further to overcome challenges.

We Should Protect the Kids

There is an increasing trend in the number of people online, online safety is becoming a critical issue for everyone. Kids have specific needs and vulnerabilities with regard to online safety. Enabling a safe online environment for kids has many aspects. Close collaboration between governmental institutions, network operators, internet service providers, private sector and non-governmental organizations is inevitable.

Common Fight Against Terrorism

We need to work together to prevent any illegal action, especially terrorism of all kind where internet is used as a mean of communication. Terorism has no religion or language. All multistakeholders should reevaluate their policies and have special rules for international cooperation and combating this. In this respect, we expect utmost support from the representatives of social media companies, in order to prevent utilization of internet as a tool of propaganda by terrorist organizations such as ISIS.

We believe that protecting the rights of internet users against illegal content would be a great contribution to the development of internet economy.  Internet intermediaries should also fulfill their responsibilities in the implementation of national laws to combat with illegal content of the internet.  Close cooperation with the International Organizations, Governments, NGOs and international internet intermediaries required to combat with illegal use of internet.

I would like to draw your attention to creating “multistakeholder internet governance” both on national and international level in order to give each stakeholder equal rights and responsibilities regarding the internet related issues. Because of the IANA Transition and ICANN Accountability period we experienced most importance of having equal voice regarding the internet governance at global level. IGF 2015 will be the perfect place for multistakeholder internet governance deep dives.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to underline that IGF meetings provide splendid environment for fruitful discussions, fleshing out ideas, sharing ideas and exchanging experiences in well-established manner. Turkey strongly supports the continuation of IGF and encourages all stakeholders here to join us in supporting extension of IGF’s mandate under UN.”

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