The most awaited auction has been held on August 26, 2015 and Turkey’s authority, Information and Communications Technologies Authority (ICTA), has published the outcome of the 4.5G mobile spectrum auction, which determines where each bidder's holdings would sit in the radio spectrum. After this event, ICTA has given an acceleration to efforts to prepare Turkey for coming 5G technologies.


Under the presidency of Dr. Ömer Fatih SAYAN, the president of ICTA and the chairman of ICTA’s Decision Board, “New Generation Mobile Communication Technologies (5G)” meeting was held with participation of TURKCELL and ASELSAN.


During the meeting, TURKCELL and ASELSAN experts made a presentation including their efforts including studies and projects both at national and international level about 5G technologies.


Dr. Ömer Fatih SAYAN said that “We have just successfully completed 4.5G mobile spectrum auction on August 26. We are giving an opportunity to operators which are the winners of the auction to utilize the newest technology. We aimed to be one of the first countries employing 5G within the scope of the vision drawn by his Excellency Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN, the President. We have formed a study group to follow the studies of 5G technologies. We have also signed a protocol with Japan to promote collaboration between two countries. We want to declare that we are ready to contribute to national and international studies to get the new technologies into our country and waiting the same support from manufacturers and operators.”


After the first meeting, ICTA has not waited too long to hold the second one. Under the presidency of the Vice President of ICTA, Mr. Nihat SÜMER; ASELSAN, NETAŞ and ARGELA, the contractor companies of ULAK Project financed by Undersecretariat For Defence Industries (SSM), participated the second meeting. They, including SSM, presented the responsibilities in the joint project as well completion status of ULAK Project. Meanwhile, they expressed their expectations both from the project and ICTA.


Least but not last, ICTA has continued to pursue to follow national and international studies on 5G technologies.

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