The chairman of ICTA, Dr. Ömer Fatih Sayan, said "You should protect your own things in the virtual world. Nothing belongs to you if you can't protect them,even they may be used against you"


The chairman of ICTA Dr. Ömer Fatih Sayan, Under Secretary Asistant of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Galip Zerey, General Manager of Communications Ensar Kılıç, the managers and experts of the Public IT Members and the sector representatives attended summit on Cyber Security washold by Public IT Members Association at Hotel Bilkent.

Sayan said at the summit that cyber security is a multi-stakeholder structure which can be handled differently and interdisciplinary. He added that perhaps the most important element of these stakeholders are the State Agencies.                   


Sayan pointed out the importance of protecting borders and added that it is a well-known manner to protectan area which is 100-200 miles away from beginning of the boarders of the country to beware of threads, however this is impossible in the cyber world. Wherever you are in the virtual world, you should protect your own things. Nothing belongs to you if you can't protect them. Moreover, these things may be used against you. The countries which have knowledge are one step ahead. Our country's future depends on the ability to produce data.    


Sayan mentioned that this summit is very important for the cooperation and coordination in the cyber security area, he also asserted incentives announced for the aim to build data centers and stated the public has an important mission to create these centersbring the knowledge which displaces the money into the country.                  

Sayan specified that the welfare and security of the developed countries are based on digital bases and in this context while we are creating a developing society which has been equipped with digital talents, necessary knowledge and capability at the same time while reinforcing the security.          

The opening ceremony of the Public Cyber Security Summit organized by Public IT Members Association at Hotel Bilkent ended with plaque introducing to speakers and a photoshoot includes everyone.

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